What our Customers are Saying......

I was looking online for handmade soap companies and looked at tons of websites to find good quality and companies that use essential oils rather than just fragrance and that indicated the value of using certain soaps/ingredients.  Trying to find soap with actual benefits for myself as well as family and friends.  I loved the fact that you do 2oz sizes since I like to switch soaps regularly and wanted to try several different soaps for the different benefits without going broke.


There are so many companies out there so I ordered from several different companies and based it on ingredients, value for money - $ to ozs - and the website, how easy it was to navigate etc. Some websites look more like an advertisement.  It makes a difference to me when shopping online. Then I decided who I wanted to do repeat orders with based on the customer service.  I placed an order a couple weeks ago with you and received it so quickly and with great samples, so that was also a reason for my repeat business.


Long winded answer, but that's how I weeded through the 100's of soap companies I looked at.    -Jennifer R.  Los Angeles, CA

 Thank you for all of the soaps!  They are excellent!  The kids were so excited to try them!  The soaps are helping their skin and they do not itch as much.  I will love to purchase more!      - C. Jackson, Ft.Worth, Tx 

Was out of dog shampoo and needed desperately to wash a stinky dog. She is a pit bull with very sensitive skin so I used a sliver of my Simple Nature soap. Her coat is beautiful and soft and none of her typical skin irritations. Love the soap for myself and now my dog as well!    - Terry N.

Today is my 1st day on your FB page..I LIKE'D it! So glad to see a post on Mar. 9th about All your soaps now being available in the 2 oz. sizes! SO Much easier to Try them ALL..And to share as gifts! Thank You SO Much for that! I want to try them ALL! :)    - Karen E.    Ft. Worth, Tx

I sent my 2yr old grandson and daughter three different bars of this wonderful soap. After getting it opened up, she called - going on & on about the Feel of the 'goatmilk' bar! :) She hadn't even gotten it wet, yet! She talked about the smell of the box, too, and how wonderful that was!...I have ideas for several other gifts coming up, and can hardly wait! This is gonna be fun!     - Karen E.    Ft. Worth, Tx

My daughter just called to let me know that their "gift" of soaps had arrived in the mail.. She was so excited! She told me about the brown box you had put them in, which I expected since you had called me @ home to ask if that was okay... Then she described how really Nice it was, the painted colors, etc.! Then told me about a bath sponge, and a little terry cloth dog.! Wow! I didn't even pay for those little "extras"! I'm not sure WHY you did that, but it Was more special - Regardless of Why you did that, I wanted you to know how sweet that was of you and how very much I appreciate you doing that..so THANK YOU1  Your customer,      - Karen E.   Ft. Worth, TX


I was there... You won't believe how good it makes even an old crusty guys hands feel... Really smooth... Awesome! Thanks Bill for all your hard work in making these great blends come together.  

A Master at his craft...  -Richard G.   Justin, TX​   


I had a hard time deciding which of my many Main Street soaps to try first. Your Kaleidoscope soap won out, and I am glad it did. It has a fabulous scent and a great feel. Looking forward to trying all the others I ordered. I will even be sending a couple to my friend Amber who is deployed in the Middle East.     -Lauren H. 

And the soap savvy....I've bought 29 "sachets" from them already (teacher appreciation gifts for my kids and my two sisters kids!)  It's awesome, they are my new go-to gift!!! Glad their sample was in that bag ; )      - A. Seghers

I'm in love with all the flavors I purchased. My husband and I fight over them. My skin is no longer itching and tight feeling. The scents are wonderful, they make my skin smell clean and fresh. I love how the bathroom smells fresh with the soaps in the shower. I even put out an extra bar in my bedroom and it makes a wonderful room freshener. I will be a regular customer!     - Torey W.    Crowley, Tx

Great soap...I went in the store to talk to a friend and ended up buying 4-5 different types of scents of soap....I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! It is great on my skin, I have extremely dry skin...and they have what I like to call the "BLACK BEAUTY" it is a bar of black soap that moisturizes my skin so well...I didn't have to apply lotion after getting out of the shower...

AWESOMENESS (enough said).   - Curtis F.   Ft. Worth, Tx

I LOVE the Texas Gold soap!  It's my favorite soap of all time!    - Erin K.    Keller, Tx

So I received my first ever soap order. I mean I'm a guy and most guys I know have probably never "ordered soap" in their lives...
WOW! Was I ever impressed..I mean thoroughly and completely impressed, pleased, and satisfied. The delivery was dead on prompt, the packaging/presentation was professional, unique, and very pleasing to the eye. The soaps are generous in size, lather and scent. I've been using one bar for a few days now and it still smells as good as it did from the box.   Put simply - THESE SOAPS ARE AMAZING!! I really like them and I'm getting more. Looking for a gift for that special someone?

Send soaps from Main Street Soaps!!    - Jeff P.  Irving,TX


Main Street Soap Co. does not engage in animal testing for any of our products.