Our Ingredients

​​At Main Street Soap Co., we are dedicated to improving the way your skin looks and feels.  We believe in using the finest and most natural ingredients available. Unlike commercial brands, there is no glycerin, parabens, petroleum-based products,  lard or tallow, sodium lauryl sulfate, or any other preservative used when creating our soaps. Our other body care products are made with finest skin pampering ingredients available.  We combine essential oils with goat milk or add them to vegan ingredients so your skin has the moisture it needs and has a luxurious long-lasting feeling. The use of Essential Oils is important in all of our products because of their purity and the benefits to your skin. ​

All soaps are vegan except our "Goat Milk Soaps".

Almond Oil (Sweet): Conditions and softens the skin.  Great for dry, itchy skin.

Argan Oil: High in Vitamin E and fatty acid content, this oil is a natural moisturizer and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Castor Oil: Makes generous lather, is rich in fatty acids and is lubricating to the skin.

Carrot Oil: A source of beta-carotene, pro vitamin A, and is a skin nutrient.

Coconut Oil: One word... Lather. Coconut creates "big bubbles" in soap.

Jojoba Oil:  Highly penetrating liquid.  Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, closely resembles human sebum.

Olive Oil: A traditional emollient used in soap because it is mild and produces a rich lather.

Palm Oil: Used for its' excellent skin conditioning properties.

​​Rice Bran Oil: Similar to olive oil. We like to use it in "balancing" the other oils.

Organic Sunflower Oil: ​Very similar to olive with a light, clean feel to it.  Contains Vitamin E and is very moisturizing.​

Vitamin E:  Used as a preservative and an antioxidant.​

Colloidal Oatmeal: Helps smooth and comfort  itchy, scratchy, and dry skin.​

Avocado Butter:  Heals scars, eczema, moisturize, and smooth rough skin.​

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E, rich in antioxidants and has been known to treat eczema and dermatitis.​

Shea Butter:  E​xcellent moisturizing properties and high content in anti-inflammatory and healing components.​

Mango Butter: Full of nourishing antioxidants, effectively treats dry skin, clears blemishes and wrinkles and treats eczema and dermatitis.​

Coconut Milk:  Coconut milk soaps are ideal for those with dry skin. Although it offers a deep clean, it does not strip away the natural oils in the skin. It works to replenish moisture in the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and hydrated.​

Goat Milk:  Goat milk soap is wonderful for dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way.​

Colorants: We use a variety of natural colorants such as clay, vegetable, fruit or plant based powders and ground or powdered spices.  ​

Essential Oil and Natural Fragrance: Essential Oil is a naturally derived plant fluid extracted from bark, leaf, or petals of the plant. Essential oil is usually a "pure", single plant oil (example "Patchouli essential oil" will be from the "Patchouli" leaf). The FDA has noted that these must be listed separately on labels or they should be called "fragrance". In other words if you make an all natural essential oil blend, it doesn't matter, they still have to be called "fragrance" if not listed separately.


Main Street Soap Co. does not engage in animal testing for any of our products.